Phuscian ethical issues and Patient abuse


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1. Doctors who own private practices must effectively run a reasonably profitable business that pays them a living wage. Describe some conflicts that arise out of having to both run a profitable business and provide compassionate care to patients, particularly low-income patients. How do you choose between the best interests of the business and the best interests of the patient when those interests do not align? Give specific examples in your answer.

2. The Mayo Clinic differs from most other healthcare systems in the United States in that it pays doctors based on patient outcomes, rather than on a fee-for-service basis (i.e. pay for each test or treatment prescribed). What differences in ethical conflicts occur because of this difference in fee systems? Use specific examples in your answer.

3. Medicine is not often straightforward; there are often multiple ways to diagnose and treat a particular ailment, and doctors must choose an approach. What considerations must go into a doctor’s choice of diagnostic methods and treatment? Divide your considerations into ethical, legal, medical, and personal realms. When there are conflicts, how do you resolve them?

4. Give a brief description of the characteristics of both child abuse and senior abuse. How are these typically detected in a healthcare setting? What are the requirements for reporting suspected abuse? Given that the signs of abuse can be mistaken with other causes, what might the consequences be if allegations of abuse are not borne out? Describe ethical issues that can arise in connection with reporting abuse.

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