Political science

locate an academic journal article in a social science (it must be Peer-reviewed scholarly article) discipline that has something to do with. (Please You must read the powerpoint for more instructions. it’s very short).
First, provide the following information—the authors, title of the article, title of the journal, and year and issue number. Please use the following format:

Watkins, David (2016). “Brilliant research,” Journal of Brilliant Research, volume 1, issue #1, pp. 1-20.

Then, answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

1) What is they main claim of the article—what does the research presented here tell us that we didn’t know before?

2) Describe the method the author uses to demonstrate this position or argument. What kinds of data were used, and how were they used, to make the point? What are the main sources of evidence used by the author?

3) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the article, from your perspective? What would you like to know that the author of the article doesn’t answer?

Length: The answer to question #1 can sometimes be one sentence, although other times it will require further elaboration. In some cases, the author’s main point or thesis will be made very clear, but other times the author will be more circumspect. You should always use your own words, although brief quotations may be helpful. The total length should be 600-700 words, which may include some short quotations. (Be sure to give the page number when directly quoting the author). You may answer the questions in order, or write an essay that answers all of them in an integrated manner,

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