PowerPoint Presentation with audio narration


Format and Length: 5-10 minute PowerPoint Presentation with audio narration, delivered online
References: Provide a “References” slide at the end of the presentation.

Potential Audience: Your audience will be company employees at all company locations in the US who may be involved in starting an operation in the country you are investigating, plus the CEO, the VP for Human Resources (HR), the company CFO (Chief Finance Officer), the company CIO (Chief Information Officer), and the VP for Business Development/Marketing.

Background and Scenario: Continue to use the scenario for writing assignments #1, #2, and #3.

Based on the information you have found in your research for Writing Assignments 1, 2, and 3, develop and present a 5-10 minute PowerPoint presentation online, giving an overview of the business, economic, social, and other conditions in the country you have selected, as they relate to a possible move to that country.
There are several ways you can get audio into a presentation:

PowerPoint with audio using VoiceThread (Links to an external site.) (free trial version available – See: http://voicethread.com/howto/registering-for-a-new-account-2/ (Links to an external site.) )
Use a microphone and record narration directly in Powerpoint (inexpensive microphones are available in most big box electronics stores)
Record audio for each slide using a cel phone app and embed sound files in each slide
There are many tutorials on how to do this online; here are a few to start with:

How to Record Narration for Powerpoint (Links to an external site.)
3 Ways to Record Audio with a Mobile Phone (Links to an external site.)
How Do I add Narration and/or Sounds to Powerpoint? (Links to an external site.)
As with your proposal, use document design techniques, diagrams, photos, and other visuals to comply with the CEO’s guidance.

REMINDER: Continue to use the hypothetical company and the country you selected for writing assignment #1 (Memo with documented research).

How will this assignment be graded?
The criteria for excellence in this assignment are in four categories:

20%: Substance
35%: Organization and style of slides, including background, text, and visuals
40%: Delivery, including audio, timing, and answering of questions (as appropriate)
10%: Correctness
Click here for the Writing Assessment ChecklistPreview the documentView in a new window for Writing Assignment #4 (Presentation) for a detailed rubric for this assignment, which can also be a very useful checklist to make sure you’ve covered all of the bases for your memo!


Complete your assignment and submit it using Submit Assignment.
Please make sure you put your name and the title of the assignment (e.g., “Writing Assignment #4”) on the report itself, and always be as clear as possible in labeling your attachments (‘joneswa4.doc,’ for example, is easy to identify; ‘WritingAsgn4.doc’ could be anybody’s work).

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