Quality Control Management – using Microsoft Excel

Quality Control Management – using Microsoft Excel
Choose one company (ANY COMPANY) for which your pretend to work for. Please write one paragraph about this company and its products. For the rest of the test we are interest in only one product but if it does make sense to extend your example to include other products, please do so…
You are in charge of quality control and the manager of the company is interested in knowing a little bit more about what you do.
Things to cover:
1. Which is the sampling method you are using? Explain your choice over the others and come up with an example showing how you use it for this company’s product. (This sample will be used throughout the rest of the test)
2.Use the sampling distribution of the sampling mean to check particular statements you make about your product. Explain how you construct the test,and use the above constructed sample to check the validity of the statement.
3.Construct a confidence interval for the mean that is relevant for your product. Explain your choice of the level of confidence;
4. Test a hypothesis regarding the population parameter (one sample test). Explain why you chose that test and the level of significant.
5. Use hypothesis testing to compare the product with its main competitor (two sample test). Explain the choice of the test.

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