Research Project – Celebration

Research Project – Celebration

Paper details:

Research a celebration or tradition practiced by a Hispanic group of people anywhere in the world. Your paper should include:

1 – An introductory paragraph

2- A paragraph on the origins of the celebration or tradition

3- At least 3-5 paragraphs describing the components of the celebration and their meaning

4 – A Paragraph comparing variations of the celebration or tradition in different regions or to something similar in your own personal culture.

5 – A concluding paragraph that should include your personal thoughts on the celebration or tradition

Each paragraph should be more than a few sentences.

Start with a title page that includes student name, teacher name, the date, the title of your paper, ICS 120 and a picture of the celebration (if you are able).

Start your paper at the top of the page, no space or heading necessary because you have a title page.

Use Times New Roman or Calibri font size 12.

Double spaced.

Have a one inch margin all around.

You need AT LEAST two sources.

You should list your sources at the end of your research project. If your sources are from the internet, I also want a direct that will take me directly to your information.

If you quote or paraphrase a source you need to reference that source directly after the quote or paraphrase with a parentheses or a footnote.

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