Revision Policy

After completing and delivering an order, customer(s) may request for revision. Revision may be requested because but not limited to one of the following reasons;

  1. Respective writer not strictly following Order Instructions as initially required (Writers should keenly note the requirement of; Referencing, word count, paper format,)
  2. The quality of the content not being reasonably satisfactory to the editors or clients themselves. In some cases, support team or administration may return the paper for content revision before it reaches the client or editors.
  3. Plagiarism is noticed, even in the smallest traces, by editors, support team or ultimately by the clients.

Under any of the above circumstances, the respective writer who worked on an order is required to revise promptly within a deadline set by client or support without any extra cost.

Note: In instances where the customer may modify initial instructions through revision instructions, the writer should notify Support/Staff. Customer may then be requested to,  either pay extra charges for the revision or place the revision instructions as a new order and the writer therefore compensated.

Writers are required not to disappear deliberately from working on a revision. In such a case, the order may be canceled, and the writer may lose part or full payments of that order.  That will also affect reputation and hence, ranking of the writer. In the event, the writer is unable to do the revision required, he/she should notify the support team immediately.