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: Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment Exercise (Due in Week 1 by Sun, Jun 5)
The objective of this assignment is to conduct and discuss a Risk Assessment on a specific target associated with a specific threat scenario.

A model for conducting risk assessment is explained in the Gaines & Kappeler Homeland Security textbook, Chapter 3, pp. 63-64.

RISK (R) can be calculated as follows:
R = f (C, V, T)

C = The CONSEQUENCES of an attack on a particular target

V = An assessment of the VULNERABILITY of the target

T = the THREAT or likelihood that a specific target will suffer an attack or disaster.

To complete this assigned, first identify a specific target. This could be any facility in your hometown, e.g., a hospital, school, hotel, recreational site, cultural or historical landmark, etc. Please choose an actual place, e.g., the Blakely Hotel in downtown Moss City, Ohio, vs. a generic target.

Next identify TWO (2) possible Threats that could occur to the specific target. This could be a manmade or natural disaster or a specific type of attack. For example, one threat could be a tornado affecting the Blakely Hotel a second threat could be terrorist attack conducted by a neo-Nazi group at the hotel.

Please make your targets and threats as realistic as possible.

The point of the assignment is to apply the Risk Assessment methodology to compare and analyze different threat scenarios associated with a target.

Using the RISK formula above, conduct a comparative risk assessment of the two threats at the target and based on your analysis, identify and discuss which threat scenario would drive your security priorities and planning. Use the discussion and examples on pp. 63-64 of the Gaines and Kappeler text to develop your analysis and recommendations. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the terms and concepts associated with Risk.

Post your written analysis on the discussion board page designated for this assignment. Your analysis must include a comparison table similar to the one on page 64 of the textbook and a narrative analysis of at least 300 words.

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