: Salt and Sand

Topic: Salt and Sand

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Complete this activity.
In this activity you will make a mixture of salt and sand and then devise a way to separate them into the original sample of pure salt and pure sand.
Here are your goals for this lesson:
• Differentiate between the physical properties of sand and salt
• Plan and implement an investigative procedure to separate the salt/sand mixture
• Communicate results
Let’s investigate.
These supplies are needed:
• pure white sand
• 1/2 sand and 12 salt mixture
• pure salt
• filter funnel
• filter paper or heavy paper hand towel
Complete the following steps. Your description, observations, and devised plan should be at least 150 words in length.Include all on your final report.
1. Describe pure sand and pure salt. Use a hand lens if available to get more detail. Write a description.
o Sand:
o Salt:
2. Investigate the dissolving properties of pure sand and pure salt.
a. Which one will be caught in the filter paper if each substance was mixed with water and then filtered?
b. Filter both separately if you are not sure.
c. Devise a plan to get pure sand and pure salt in different piles from a 1 gram sample of the mixture.

o My Plan:
o Results of my plan:
o Grams dry sand:
o Grams dry salt:

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