Service Delivery System Analysis

Service Delivery System Analysis
Assessment Type Description
• Written Assignment
• Working small groups, students are required to prepare and submit an original written report (Maximum 4,000 words) involving the identification, description and evaluation of an organizations service delivery system (SDS). Each group of students must independently select an organisation that has a physical retail outlet, so that elements of the service delivery system can be observed for analysis.
• The report should contain sections that address (1) background information regarding the selected organisation; (2) the key features of the SDS; (3) a acritical evaluation the effectiveness of the SDS, and (4) potential improvements to the SDS that would be benefit the consumer.
Length (Maximum 4000 words)
Assessment Criteria
Six Assessment criteria will be used, as outlined below (criteria weightings appear in brackets) :
• Background to the Organisation (10%)
• Service Delivery System Elements (20%)
• Service Delivery Blueprint (with diagram) (20%)
• Critique and Recommendations (30%)
• Revised Blueprint (10%)
• Report Formant and Style (10%)

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