Socialization & Social Class

Socialization & Social Class

Paper details:

Phase One:

1. Watch the videos Hidden America: Children of the Plains ( and Hidden America: Children of the Mountains: Part 1 (, Part 2 (, and Part 3 (

2. Read all attached reading material, that must be cited in final paper, in-text.

3. Play social game ‘Spent’ ( I played the game twice and attached screenshots of my final results, but the writer can play is as well if needed. It’s pretty cool. Data needed to address question ‘2’ in paper described in ‘Phase Two’ below.

4. Complete attached exercise ‘Does Social Class Make a Difference?’ Data needed to address question ‘1’ in paper described in ‘Phase Two’ below.

Phase Two:

Describe your reactions, perceptions and significant insights gained from the reading and activities, being specific to demonstrate your engagement of each segment of readings. (So that means incorporate insights from all the material, as appropriate, to demonstrate that). Develop your paper around these lines of thought:

1. What key things did you learn about social class for you personally (6 points)? Relate some of your realizations to this Social Class Exercise. Would you have done this exercise differently if the examples were female? If they were non-white? Think about access to jobs and education (5 points).

2. Reflect on your experience playing Spent (10 points)

3. Do you personally identify with a certain “class” or have you or your family changed class over time (“up” or “down”)? If so, were there meaningful differences (pro or con) you experience simply by virtue of “class” or perceived class status (Sometimes we “pass” for a class we don’t really feel a part of). You may want to use the New York Time’s Social Class Calculator to help you figure out where you stand in comparison to most Americans (10 points)

4. In terms of organizations, what really “stuck out” to you from the Social Class readings and team building discussion….did it trigger any awareness? Bias? Understanding? Have you seen social class related privilege, bias, or the like at work in an organization? Briefly describe (10 points)

All attached work must be cited in essay, and all questions must be addressed.

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