the effect of environmental conditions on enzyme function

the effect of environmental conditions on enzyme function
(The purpose of a summary is to condense an experiment to its key points, to give an overview. You want to give the audience enough to understand what was done but not so much detail that it is overwhelming. The best way to start is to outline the following:

1) What was the purpose of the experiment
2) What methods were used
3) What were the results
4) What conclusions were drawn

If you look at this list, it kind of looks like an outline of what a scientific paper would include. The difference is that in a summary you are only providing the general overview and not the specific details. The methods should be given in only the most general terms. However, you may want to include a little detail on the results, like specifying the actual differences between treatments (for example: cells treated with kanamycin had a decreased growth rate compared to control cells (50% vs. 95%)). This will give the results a little more impact. After you have outlined what you are going to include and begin to write, make sure that your sentences flow together smoothly. Make sure your summary has both an introductory statement as well as a concluding statement. Overall your summary should be less than 250 words, be completely in your own words, and contain no spelling or grammatical errors.))
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