The role of Face saving principles in conflict resolution.

The role of Face saving principles in conflict resolution.

A Research essay of 8 pages in APA style is to include the following framework:
Thesis statement and introduction to topic
Background research theories (peer reviewed)
Comparison of different theories (pros and cons)
Main discussion
Conclusion/sum up research
Reference List, at least five peer reviewed journal articles.
Direct quotes and paraphrasing using in-text citations in APA style to document all information (3 or more words) taken from the research.

A statement of why this issue is important to study supports approval of your topic. Each point should show the logical movement of the argument from beginning thesis through the research proofs to and the conclusion.

Avoid first person tense (e.g. I) and use the third person tense (e.g., he or she, their).

Do not use dictionaries definitions, encyclopedias, or Wikipedia for any resource information. Instead, you need to use peer-reviewed articles from the library as your primary resources. You may use the course textbook.

Avoid long quotes, please make sure you do use quote marks anytime the words are not your own. You may paraphrase, but the words MUST be your own. Cite and reference using APA style

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