The wages of emotion work

The wages of emotion work

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assignment’s guide, Step1,2 and 3 paper. Please, if you possible, comply with requirement of my professor’s comment

Your ultimate goal in this assignment is to revise the existing Relevance Box to improve upon the original. Each of the previous three steps has brought you closer to that objective and in this step you will put these pieces together in outline form to create a useful, interesting, and sociologically relevant narrative for prospective readers of your revised Relevance Box. This process is in fact somewhat like fitting together puzzle pieces because you’ll have to try different pieces in different spaces until you come up with a combination of parts that “works” to complete the whole. Fortunately, you are not working in the dark since you do have an existing Relevance Box to refer to and your in-depth knowledge of your research article to help you build your new and improved Relevance Box.

You will write two drafts of your revised Relevance Box paper. The outline you create in this step will guide you as your write your first draft (Step 5). Your final draft (Step 6) will be based on instructor feedback on your first draft.

Your written outline should provide a paragraph-by-paragraph overview of the revised Relevance Box you plan to submit as your First Draft for Step 5. While you may indicate the content of each paragraph in any way that makes it clear to your instructor what you plan to include there and why, please also provide a one-sentence summary that explains what you plan to cover in each paragraph. Remember, your finished Box should be approximately 2,000 to 2,500 words in length so plan your outline accordingly.

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