Topic: deployment veterans domestic violence

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Read the loaded document( Research Dissertation) which is the basic DRP I am using. Read all the sections and you will see what is needed to be fixed in the comment in blue on the right side. And add what is mission in the all the sections. But especially on the following sections:
Section 5.3 Operational Definitions
Present an operational definition for each construct that will be used ( with citations for published measures). How will this variable be measured in this study?
This is not an OD for each of the variable. Must in missing here ( domestic violence).
Section 5.4 Measures/ Instruments
Discuss the types of data (ordinal, nominal, etc…), reliability and validity data
A. Citation for published measure/instrument
B. Description of the measure/ instrument
C. Data type(s) levels of measurement for variable(s) measured by the instrument
D. Available psychometric information (including normative data and validity & reliability coefficient for each measure/instrument.)
Attach a copy of each instrument you plan to use as an appendix to the research plan. If permission is required to use the instrument, please attach a copy of document
5.7 Data Collection and sampling procedures

5.10 Expected Findings
Present any expected findings
Add support from the literature
Appendix Section: part II: Military affiliation:
Question can be asked much simpler. Just ask them to indicate which branch they are serving with/ or a veteran of…( US Marines Corps, US Army, US Air Force, US National Guard, US Navy) then provide the list. Put a note to indicate that if they served in more than 1 branch then they should select that option (add option for that) or choose the one they served the longest in. the same goes for the rank, just provide a selection
Also address what Creswell used in previous research and how my questions are similar/different.
Also the grouping I have there are not clear. What is “moderate” to one might be “severe” to another.
Also there must be a domestic scale that exists in the literature that we can use because the questions we have here are not satisfactory

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