Topic: Globalization and Human Rights

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Based on the research proposal Rush Essay writer wrote last time (see attached), please write a research paper using the same references / sources used in the attached research proposal.

DO NOT EXCEED 4000 WORDS as stated in the instructions below.
Assignment 3: Research Essay

Weight: 35% of your final grade for the course

Due date: Upon completion of Unit 8

Length: 4000 words, double–spaced and word–processed

Your assignment should be word–processed and double–spaced. Do not submit your assignment in pdf format. Provide a title page for your assignment, including your name, student ID, and the title of the assignment you are completing. Submit your assignment via this assignment link.


Write a term paper that is structured by the following guidelines:

Develop your question or topic according to the proposal you developed for Assignment 2. [If you find that, after submitting Assignment 2, you are no longer interested in your selected topic, you must first consult with your tutor about the possibility of changing your topic.]
Refer to, and use, pertinent academic literature, which must include at least six refereed articles and books as outlined in the instructions for your research essay proposal.
Organize your paper, taking into account the fact that the paper must include
an abstract that, in three to four sentences, briefly tells the reader what the paper is all about. The abstract is separate and prior to the introduction;
an introduction to the paper using the heading, “Introduction.” Provide some background and context that indicates why this is an important topic. Then, include a statement of your research question/argument/thesis. Next, indicate how you will develop your thesis. Inform the reader of what to expect in the various parts of the paper. For example, you might say, “The discussion in this paper is developed in three parts. X will do this, Y will do that, and Z will consider the following.” X, Y, and Z will each have their own heading; and
a conclusion with its own heading. The conclusion should provide a summary of what you found and an indication of where research in this area is headed in the future.
Document your sources and be consistent with your referencing style. Your assignment will be marked for quality of expression, including clarity, composition, format, grammar, English usage, and spelling.

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