Topic: Project proposal

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Assessment #1 – Assignment 1
In the first assignment, you need to write a project proposal. The project proposal is aimed at a senior manager of an organisation you choose.

Choose your favourite organisation or one out of the organisations below:

1) Presto
2) United Nations
3) Goodlife Health Clubs
4) World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

NB: This assignment is linked to the Assignment 2, so choose your organisation prudently.

Assume that the chosen organisation has contracted you to develop a dashboard for them.
The project proposal shall include:
1) Justification of the proposal (what are the benefits that a dashboard and BIA can bring to the chosen organisation’s business needs)
2) Which data should be included
— explain why do you think this data is needed
— where do you get it from (you should consider both internal and external data)
— how do you plan to obtain the data
3) List potential challenges in implementing the dashboard (eg: data quality, data availability)
4) Suggested audience for the dashboard (eg: management, all staff, partners and suppliers) with justification (why do you think they need the dashboard)

NB: Use references wherever appropriate. The assumed length of the document is about 1000 words – however, you will be marked on contents, not on the number of words. Keep in mind: the style and language of the document are governed by the audience (senior management).

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