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The key to success on this project is in following instructions and paying attention to details.

Textbook: Chua, Amy and Jed Rubenfeld. 2015. The Triple Package: How Three unlikely traits explain the rise and fall of Cultural Groups in America. New York: Penguin Books.
1. Construct a scholarly reflection of the text taking into consideration all course material.
2. Format:
• Cover page with your name, date, and title.
• Title should read “Scholarly Reflection: The Triple Package.” That’s it. Nothing else.
• The cover page is the ONLY place your name should appear.
• No headers or titles at the top of the page of the report.
• one and only one page.
• 12 point Times New Roman font.
• 1″ margins.
• ASA or APA citations.
3. Submit it to the Scholarly Reflection Dropbox.

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