Topic: you have to choose a specific problem to write on.

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Instructions from my professor.

on July 19, 2006, your paper will due. It must be at least 1250 words, word processed and double-spaced, with a margin of one inch wide on all sides. Grammar, spelling, and overall neatness will certainly affected your grade on the paper, so be sure to write carefully and allow yourself time to proofread and correct your paper before turning it in to me by 5pm.

Your topic will be some specific problem, and in the course of the paper you will introduce the problem, define the problem, explain why it is a problem, and then offer a practical, workable solution to that problem and how you would implement that solution. The problem should not be personal problem although it may affect you as an individual. It should be a systemic problem that affects many people, and your paper must identify a solution to that problem. YOU WILL HAVE TO DO LIBRARY RESEARCH for this paper and document your research according to the Modern Language Association system. YOU MUST SUPPORT YOUR WRITING BY 6 SEPRATE SOURCES: 2BOOK, 2 PERIODICALS (NEWSPAPER OF SCHOLARLY JOURNAL ARTICLES ), 1 WEBSITE, AND 1 OF THE FOLLOWING–TELEVISION PROGRAM, RADIO PROGRAM, FILM, OR A PERSONAL INTERVIEW. If you conduct a personal interview, you must provide me with a audio or video recording of the interview, or a typed transcript of everything that is said during the interview. All of your sources must be as recent as possible ( ideally within the last 2 years although the books you cite may be older than this ). Do not rely on outdated information to argue your point. Reference books like encyclopedias ( which do not circulate outside the library ) count as books. YOU MUST TURN IN A FORMAL OUTLINE AND A WORK CITED PAGE ALONG WITH THE FINAL PAPER. YOU MUST TURN IN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE DATE LISTED BELOW. Choose a topic from those listed below and develop a specific thesis based on your research of that topic

Remember that you must argue in support of a particular solution to that problem. Do not simply write a report of the facts that you find , or simply expound on how bad the problem is. Prove that you know how to solve the problem.

Important– As part of your documentation, you must include at least ten but no more than twenty citations ( direct quotations, paraphrases, or summaries ), and no direct quotation may be over three lines long.

Remember that your audience is made up of readers who are intelligent and curious adults who do not know much about your particular subject matter. Your job is to explain to them everything they need to know in order to understand why your solution to the problem is the best one.

Certain topics are not allowed. Do not choose them, or you will lose a letter grade on your final score for the problem/solution paper. These disallowed topics include:
Bullying ( cyber or otherwise )
Gun Control
Obesity ( adult or childhood or adolescent )
Teen Pregnancy

Problem topic selected should be email to my professor on the 7-13-2016.

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