Tort Walk Assignment

Tort Walk Assignment

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this assignment is for a Legal Environment in Education course. (Here are the paper requirements) I will upload it in a file format also.

My School is an adult Vocational Tech School
Name: The English Center, website: In case you need additional information.
Tort Walk, Paper, & Presentation (ppt, or Prezi)
The Tort Walk and Paper will consist of the following activities:
• Attain permission from the principal to conduct a tort walk for the purpose of determining whether appropriate educational and physical accommodations are provided according to state and federal guidelines for students and staff.
• Conduct a tort walk using the state and federal guidelines aligned checklist to identify conditions that may affect the safety and well-being of all students.
• Choose three potential areas of concern and research federal and state law as related to the constitutional and statutory rights of students, staff and parents for each concern.
• Develop detailed policies and procedures for the school that will address each identified concern.

• Write a six page mid-term paper that integrates the following components:
1) Identification of three areas of concern (one page) (I have place an X next to the 3 areas of concern, but you may select another area if you feel it would be an easier area for this assignment go ahead. See the check list below)

2) A comprehensive discussion of the related case law-A minimum of 6 peer-reviewed references and/or legal cases (2 per area of concern) must be discussed – three pages

3) A detailed explanation of the policies and procedures the student, in his/her role as a school leader would enact to deal with the issues (two pages)

4) A reference page containing a minimum of 6 peer reviewed references or legal cases

5) A copy of the student’s tort walk checklist. (I attached this list titled: TORT WALK CHECKLIST- SEE BELOW)

Note: The six pages of the paper is the body of the paper. The cover page, reference page, and tort walk checklist do not count toward the five pages. The legal cases may not be from those discussed in the textbook.

Create a 5-8 minute class presentation of the student’s Tort Walk Assignment (I WILL PAY SEPRATLY FOR THIS POWER POINT PRESENTATION TO BE DONE)I’m just not sure how that will be

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