Write a formal, technical report addressing the following information for the one chosen technology. (Hubble Space Telescope)

• Start with an introduction stating what the technology is and what the contents of the report contain in regards to this technology.
• Determine/Research how that technology has positively or negatively affected life since its introduction into society.
• Do research to address the following three questions regarding the technology you are researching:
The Technology/Invention was the response to what need? (Examples):
Lodging / safety
Self – defense
Travel /commerce
Spiritual & artistic
Describe the impacts of the technology on any of the following fields:
Human health
Political & military systems
Economic & business systems
Natural systems & the environment
Ideas of beauty/art
Psychology & “happiness/contentment” of the individual, leisure
Answer the question: How has societal, political and business systems developed alongside the technical discovery?
Example areas of impact:
Creation of societal classes/castes
Social justice, human rights, Women’s and minorities’ rights
Labor laws & unionization
Development of money and banking systems
Political organization and parties
Laws, regulations, justice and court systems
Describe the impacts of the technology on your home region.
Include a description of your home region (state, province, home town, etc.). Be specific to either your home town, home state, or home province – do not go as general as your entire country. How did this technology impact your home region? Was it a positive or negative influence? Why?

Write a report that discusses each of the points mentioned above in Step 3. The technology you chose must be invented between 1990 and 2000, but could have been invented/developed anywhere in the world. The format of the report is up to you (does not need to follow any standard), but must flow between topics/paragraphs.
You must include at least five references, only four of which can be online (one MUST be a printed source). The printed source can be accessed online through legitimate conference or journal article databases (no Google Scholar allowed). Cite all references within the text and provide a List of References (Bibliography) at the end of the report. Citations and Bibliographies must be in standard, IEEE format.
Length: No more than three pages (excluding Bibliography) using single-spaced lines and 11-point font. You may include two figures maximum. Include the Bibliography on its own page at the end of the report.

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