writting a business plan for a small manufuctring facility

witting a business plan for a small manufuctring facility

Order Description
please make sure you read the below carefully before you start, if you have any doubt pls let me know.

1. I need you to write a real scenario of a business plan, something exactly similar to the below link, as the activities and the services provided – the link is rich with lots of information it will definitely save you time and effort
2. I would need a copy of the excel sheet for the tables.
3. please note that the entire business plan must be written as the 1st link – API
4. it has to be real to be submitted to a committee, any required information like names or cost please do it like this so I would know (X street name X) (X budget X) (X space X)
5. The below is a method to verify a supplier capability – I need to twist it around as its part of the plan on how to ensure excellence/assurance/quality for clients – try to imbedded where you think it will fit with the document.

To determine which processes API have in place and how effective they are to ensure that we receive the products according to specification and requirements of clients.
Client’s representatives will verify the following:
1. Overview of manufacturing strategy, i.e. suppliers and sub-suppliers involved in the total production process.
2. Technical data and instructions that is included in the purchase orders to the suppliers.
3. Change control process for technical data.
4. Inspection plan and acceptance records for total of the producing process, i.e. records traceability from each supplier and internal build history recording.
5. Product and batch identification and traceability.
6. Control of non-conforming material and products.
7. Product release process, packaging, transport and relevant documentations and records.

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