The Real Writers is an academic research and writing company. We offer a platform for freelance academic writers to earn money by researching and writing scholarly papers in different disciplines of learning. Opportunities available at The Real Writers are open to both part-time and full-time writers.

Our desire is to deliver high-quality content, usually written from scratch, and to deliver timely to meet clients deadlines. We, therefore, allow the writers to choose orders that best suits their abilities.

We pay competitively and usually above the average market rates. We have three levels of writers;  Normal,  Silver and Advanced. Our writers enjoy pay rates that range from $3.00 to $11.00 depending on the level of the writer. However, the rates can go up to $20 for technical and short deadline orders.

Writers are upgraded to higher levels based on regular reviews by our Quality Assurance Department. The reviews are mainly focused on quality of the content as rated by the clients and adherence to the deadlines. A writer can, however, apply for an upgrade upon completion of the first ten orders if all have been delivered within deadlines, and there have been no significant customer complaints.